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If washing your windows isn’t on the top of your list, you’re not alone.  In fact, many homeowners often admit to only washing their windows once a year.  The problem? For starters, its often difficult to really notice how dirty your windows are until you compare them to a clean one.

Beyond the beauty of clean windows however, are several important reasons to keep them consistently clean throughout the year.  Here are just a few reasons that will get you thinking more about your windows.

1. Let the light AND heat shine in

Windows allow light to enter your home which helps heat your home in the winter months.  Connecticut residents know all to well how important it is to make sure homes are properly insulated and efficient as possible.  So open those shades and let the light shine through during the winter to help your furnace.

2. Beware of what sticks to your windows

Many CT residents find days throughout the summer to open the windows and give their air conditioners a break.  The problem however, is the particles that enter your home when you open your windows such as pollen, dirt and other debris that can affect your home and your health.  Washing windows will cut down on dust and pollen and help those in the family that suffer from allergies and the related health issues.

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